About Us

Bring the World Better Sleep, Naturally.

Sleep deprivation is a growing problem that impacts millions of people across the world. Current treatments often include pharmaceuticals which can have harmful side-effects and are potentially addictive.

At Spectral Dreams we are motivated to help you to improve your sleep in a more natural way, and believe everyone should be able to experience the superpower of sleep. Our technology is soft, companion-like and easy to use, and therefore helps you to not only fall asleep more naturally, but also help you experience more comfort and rest.


Our Core Values

We are a pro sports team

We work hard to help people sleep better by using their own power every day. As a team, we’re in this together and help each other out wherever we can.

We’re obsessed over our customers

We’re passionate about sleep and passionate about our customers. They are our experts and guide us every step we take.


We don’t do crap

We are honest and always stick to our promises. We don’t do blah blah, and always back up our claims with data and evidence.


We’re human, No robot

Automation and robotics are great, as long as it doesn’t prevent real human contact.

We evolve immediately

We are eager to learn and deliberately step out of our comfort zones. We love feedback to help us grow as individuals and as a team.