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Sleep Better Feel better
The cause of sleeplessness: an overactive mind

Stress & anxiety prevent your body from being able to rest at night which makes it hard to fall asleep.

Research is showing that breathing is effective

Decades of research show that breathing can slow the racing thoughts that often keep us awake.

Improve your sleep, Improve your life

Healthy sleep is proven to reduce stress, acute anxiety, lower the heart-rate and even combat panic-attacks

Take back control of your sleep again

Let go of stress & anxiety with the help of the healthy sleep techniques of the Spectral Dreams

We provide insomniacs with drug-free and validated sleep solutions to relieve stress & anxiety resulting in better and deeper sleep.
The new all-in-one meditation sleep mask.
Discover the power of breathing
Calm mind Better Sleep
Mindful Breathing
The new all-in-one meditation sleep mask.
Spectral Dreams Specifications
Product Dimensions:

73.5 x 10.5 x 3cm

Light Weight:


Suitable Head Size:

68cm to 76cm /26.8inch to 29.92inch 

Battery capacity:

500 mAh

Charging time:

75 mins.

Battery Using Time:

10 hours

Bluetooth Name:

Spectral Dreams

Safe Heating Chip

Infrared Heating System

Mindful Breathing

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and patterned deep breathing. It helps with reducing anxiety, pressure, improving sleep, and well being. Learn more about our Spectral Dreams Sleep Care Solution Mask.

Heat & Better Rest

The warming sensation promotes the release of tranquilizing enzymes that physically treat anxiety and induce deep relaxation. Learn more about our Spectral Dreams Heat sleep therapy.

Darkness Matters

Darkness is essential to better rest and a good night's sleep. The absence of light sends a critical signal to the body saying it is time to rest.

Wireless Audio Experience
Enhances Your Relaxation

Package Includes:

Spectral Dreams Smart Eyemask

Wireless Bluetooth Battery

Charging Cable

Travel Pouch

Instruction Manual

Spectral Dreams helps people who want to:
Fall asleep faster
Experience less stress and anxiety
Relax more
Use less medication to fall asleep
Have more energy

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Spectral Dreams

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Spectral Dreams is a 100% light blocking, cordless music eye mask that gives you the best audio experience and wireless infra-red beauty mask that restores your beauty while resting.

Star features:

  • A pitch-black sleep environment is powered by 3000 diverse faces mapped.
  • You can access to all meditation & music via Bluetooth.
  • The music playing time is up to 10 hours.
  • Original wireless infra-red beauty therapy removes the dark circles and eye bags, and improves the skin conditions.
  • It uses an eye-socket heating scope that is safer than direct heat applied on the eyelids.
  • Smart IC temperature regulation and auto-switch off in 30 min to prevent low temperature burns.
  • The unique 3D hollowed design leaves make-up intact.
  • The wash-friendly design allows for easy cleaning.
  • Made by baby-grade, breathable, anti-wrinkle material.



In line with COVID-19 situation, We ensure the public that Spectral Dreams is following the precautionary measures prescribed by the Department of Health at all times.

As you are aware, there is an emerging public health threat related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), additionally, it is also flu and respiratory disease season. We are taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of these viruses and encouraging everyone to take action to stay healthy. While we are all changing our daily routines during this global health crisis, we want to let you know that Our company is in normal operation and we are still Shipping, and will remain open unless we are told otherwise by our governmental leaders.

Here are the steps we are taking to help to prevent infection and the spread of the virus.

  • All employees are screened daily for COVID-19. Staff with respiratory symptoms return home and do not return to work until well.
  • After each shift, we are washing our hands with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • We are routinely cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces such as; Packages,Machines, Tables, Equipment, Computer keyboards and mice, Phones, Light switches, Door handles, etc.
  • Concerning product fulfillment we are : Using EPA-approved and CDC-endorsed disinfectants and 3 passes of high frequency UV Light on every Massager box putting them inside a per-sanitized cardboard,wrapping it, and finally we insert the whole package in a poly mailers. 

How you can help us insure a safe delivery : 

once you receive your package the follow the following instruction 

  • Open the Poly mailer outside ( preferably with gloves on) to eliminate the number of surfaces it touched.
  • the box should be perfectly pre-sanitized already but for Extra precaution you may spray or wipe it with 60-70% alcohol 
  • Please take a minute to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after  sanitize your package

More information about the coronavirus can be found on the CDC’s website. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

Stay safe everyone!

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